Thursday Distraction: Swing

This was originally written on November 1, 2012 and migrated from my old blog.
I noted that I was listening to Cake’s Fashion Nugget CD as I wrote it.


We all can fly.

It takes only a small plank of wood, or a plastic strap, suspended by chains to a pole.  Pushing off with your feet, you lift off.  You stretch outwards and sail forward, awaiting the feel of the backwards drift.  You tense the muscles in your small legs and pump them in and back out again to break your rudimentary grasp of gravity.

The wind assails your small face.  Gasping with the pleasure of the sudden coolness you laugh at this amazing superhuman ability you have developed.  Your eyes squeeze shut and you throw your head back, feeling the hair on your head spinning outwards.  The sun flits across your eyelids, the vivid colours of blue, yellow and orange rainbowing across your vision.

Higher and higher you reach, a dance across the heavens.  The thought of reaching the very top of the sky excites you; the clouds seem within your reach.  Seemingly for hours you drift back and forth, the squeak of the chains and the joyous giggle within your only companions.

Soon enough though, you hear the sound of your mother calling you, it’s time to land.  Descending to a safe altitude, you brace yourself and at the best possible time you let go of the chains and push outwards, welcoming gravity to bring you back home again.

Walking back towards your home you take one last look back at the solitary device that brought you so much triumph and you tell yourself that you will be back.  It’ll soon be time to brave the skies one more time.

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