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Hello Dolly! is now finished, and though I still have Breathe and Between The Lines Four Play shows to do in less than a couple weeks I now have begun to catch up on the little things around the house that have been sorely neglected lately…things like cutting the grass.

So, I fired up my normally trusty cordless 48v electric lawnmower and began to cut the grass in front of the house.  It was a sluggish affair.  I couldn’t get more than a couple feet without the machine cutting out, something that happens with these kinds of machines when the grass gets too high.  Typically I just raise the rear wheels a bit to give more vacuum space between the grass and the blade but this time even that wasn’t really working that well.  I fought on though and got enough cut to make it at least partially presentable and then went to plug the unit back in with the idea of continuing tomorrow night.

Nothing happened.

The charging unit has a sensor to determine both connectivity and battery general health and it did not register at all.  I figure the lead acid battery has given up the ghost.   So, after six years of using this unit I realized it was time to retire it.  The search was on for a replacement unit.

We took a drive up to Barrie and first checked Home Depot, but it had only the Garden Centre open due to Victoria Day holiday hours.  So I stopped at Canadian Tire on Mapleview and found to my relief that it had both the Garden Center and Seasonal section opened up.  I browsed for a bit and after looking at all of the Cordless Electric units they offered made the decision to go back to using a gas powered unit.  As environmentally conscience as we are in our household (more on that another day), I have always had the issue of being unable to cut our entire 1/5 of an acre property in one session – even when the unit was working great.  It was a cut the front and part of the back, recharge and then complete the task on the next day.  A bit of a pain in the ass.

The Yardworks unit with assistive propulsion I picked was on sale for a decent enough price (around 400+tax).  It’s also very pretty.  Even Melanie commented on that.  But they had just run out of stock.  So, I resolved that I would likely have to order online and have a unit delivered.  But then on the way back home we noted with surprise that the Canadian Tire in Alcona was very busy.  We dropped in and the entire store was opened up (not just the garden centre and seasonal)…and they had the unit in stock!

Got the big box home and quickly assembled the lawnmower within, but then noted that this particular model does not come with a small bottle of 5w30 oil as I remember they used to come with.  By that point the day was getting away on me and I had rehearsal for Breathe to prepare for so I decided to just park it for now and pick up a jug of oil tomorrow.

It’s such a mundane thing…but cutting the grass is one of those chores I have always enjoyed.  The simple and repetitive movements frees the mind to think up all kinds of ideas, and you can sing away outside without your neighbours wondering if you’ve gone stark raving mad as they only hear the engine drone.  Hopefully this one will give us great use for many years to come.  I can train Nate and Kyle how to use the Self-Propelled feature so that I can share my love of lawn-cutting with them when I get too busy.

Well…my love, maybe not theirs….


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