Did you know?

Did you know that if you choose not to vote that it is totally acceptable to take your ballot into the polling station and decline or DENY it? This way your choice is still counted and we get a far better picture of what people really want in this country. We can understand a {None of the above} selection. We cannot understand a NULL selection (It’s a data term for nothing)..

You can’t legitimately give your opinion if you don’t vote.

So, if you are one of those who is saying “I’m not voting for any of them, I {hate}/{fear}/{distrust}/etc; all of them, get your head out of the sand and say so by doing this simple task of denying.

It’s not a choice I personally endorse, but it’s far better to know there is a portion of the population that needs better representation than to have no idea what that portion needs.

Advance polls still on through Monday. Vote early, or get out and vote on October 21st. Bring your voters card if you have one (not mandatory but it REALLY helps) and at least one piece of Identification.


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