Small Things

The family drive takes us through a myriad of colours today; red, yellows and oranges trump the majority of green that we’ve been so used to over the last few months.  An ironically warm blend of hues that are a herald of colder things ahead, we still get a certain feeling of pleasure.  It’s just so damn beautiful, we’re so lucky to have this opportunity.

Those are the moments we take to reflect.  Not you who’s driving.  Please focus on the road ahead. You’ll get time to reflect later, I promise.

We live in big picture mode all the time.  How you live your life, how you do your job, how you write that novel, how you win that game.   These are all large chunks of expectations that we focus so much of our energy on that we completely miss the smaller moments that make these larger ones so much more important.

The feelings of a cool breeze blowing past you as you walk along the lakeshore.

The smile on the face of a senior as we make eye contact with them at the grocery store.

The feeling of your child’s hand slipping into yours as you are about to cross the street together.

A warm embrace from your loved ones.

Tell someone who’s feeling down about themselves that you care for them and that they are important.  Because you do, and they are.

The satisfaction of putting a checkmark on a ballot at the advance poll station (ok, ok…I had to slip that in here somewhere).

Offering to help your family wash the dishes after dinner, knowing that someone else just spent hours cooking.  They didn’t complain.  Neither should you.

Sharing a movie with your teenager that came out when you were their age and they laugh at the jokes.  You are on the same page, after all.

If you grocery shop today and are able to, grab a few extra non-perishable food items and put them into a donation bin.

If a cashier asks you if you want to donate to {insert cause here}, don’t let out that big sigh and sound grudging.  Proudly give.  You just helped someone else have a better day.

If you do get together with members of your extended family, don’t take it for granted.  You never know how many more times you’ll be able to do this.  That one thing that annoys you about somebody may just be the one thing you will miss the most when their gone.

I hope everybody out there has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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