When The Autumn Moon is Bright

Through the woods you have crawled.  Face pained by the scrapes of branches that you can just swear were reaching out for you.
The moon is bright and full, exposing the terrain before you.  A howl splits the night, echoing all around you.   A shiver washes down your spine by a sudden burst of terror.  Before you, just across an oddly shaped hollow lies a building.
You swear you hear laughter from within.  Or is that screaming?  Could it be both?
A voice whispers in your ears, “Come on in…I know you want to…”
Your legs pull you closer and closer…and soon enough you are within….
…..You have a great time.   Because this show is just so freakin’ good that you couldn’t possibly have a bad one.  Gorgeous set.  Brilliant direction and a fabulous cast make this just the kind of the entertainment you were needing in your life.  It’s funny!  It’s fast paced!  It’s locally written!  It’s an homage to Creature Features. 

When The Autumn Moon is Bright begins its final weekend at South Simcoe Theatre in Cookstown tonight at 8pm and continues Friday and Saturday at 8pm with Saturday and Sunday 2pm matinees.
Do not miss out.  Your life may just depend on it….bwahahahahahahaha
Follow the attached link for tickets.

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