Be Kind

The holiday season is a hit and miss with any of the friends I speak to. Some hate it, some love it.

In our household, it’s a bit of both. Mel and I are not typically fans of consumerism, especially with a lot of the product waste that goes with it. However, the one thing I truly do love is to walk a busy mall and just get the vibe of the people around me. A family trying to enticeĀ their toddler to get a photo with a huge tree. The looks of joy on a bunch of teens as they run into each other, supposedly by random (though chances are they were texting a few moments before). A young father, with child in tow obviously trying desperately to work out what to buy for his wife (been there).

I do my best here to slow down. Talk to people. Share a table with somebody. Pretend I have the ability to buy everything. Like a TAGHeuer or a Tesla. I smile at the shopkeepers. Thank them. Treat them with respect. Because this time of year is not easy on a lot of people…especially people who work retail. Some have to work extra hours, have been on their feet for hours and are tired and hungry. They don’t deserve vitriol and “you know who I am” attitudes (hint, they don’t give a #$^&, nor should they).

Be kind to each other is a blanket statement. Not only your family, not only your co-workers.
It’s everyone.
You yourself will be that much happier for it.

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