Paper Boat

As I walked along the 3rd line of Innisfil this morning, a route that is fairly quiet, forested and surrounded by deep ditches, I took a moment to note the amount of water that had accumulated in these trenches; streams of water cascading eastwards towards the marshlands and eventually the lake. We tend to ignore ditches these days, these things tend to only affect us when we drive into them or if they overflow and cause flooding in our homes.
Considering this water, brought me thoughts of my youth. For the majority of the childhood I lived in areas that had rural roads. Old farm country roads with access to streams of water so that there would be plenty to water the crops and livestock. These roads all had great ditches of a similar bent to what I was seeing this morning, and that triggered one specific memory.

I loved creating paper creations. Was always a wiz at paper airplanes, and could fold a paper fortune teller game in under 30 seconds (still could, probably). So, of course in experimenting with different shapes I would just have to create a paper boat.

Now what does any respectable child do when they create a boat?

They want to see it float, of course.

I would spend hours experimenting. How far could I make the boat go? It was a version of exploration in a more limited world. A more innocent world. A component of a simpler time when we didn’t have as many electronic distractions and most certainly no internet.

We were just kids. We had paper. We had water. We made them work together.

For all of us who have kids at home, these are the times for us to reconnect with those moments. Build a paper boat with your son or your daughter today and spend some time with them outside. Show them the joy of running a boat along the water.

See where it takes you.

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