Editors notes: Migrated from my old blog on December 25, 2022.
It’s fascinating to see the frame of mind I was in during this time.  It’s rare that I would ever make negative comments about work, even when things were truly negative.  I’m usually the one telling others to leave their private angst off the public world, and I did it myself…and had completely forgotten it.
So, why am I keeping this old stuff?
I believe firmly that continuing to explore thoughts from the past and reconciling them with my thoughts today will make me stronger, from both a creative and psychological viewpoint.


Watch me perform this slight of hand, this high-wire act, this death-defying stunt. Watch me find a balance. I’m a busy person. Have been one for most of my life. I’m just one of those people who rarely ever got bored – even as a child. I have so many hobbies and projects on my plate that I could easily spend the next six months working fifteen hour days and I still wouldn’t complete them all.

But of course by the third month I’d have another nine months of work, so it’s a neverending cycle. And I guess I’d have it no other way.

I am an actor. Have been one for about twenty years now. Six of those years were just your standard school plays/musicals, but I approached them with a seriousness that most of my peers did not so I think it’s ok to include them in the timeframe. Since 1992 I have been heavily involved in community theatre, not only as an actor but also director, producer, lighting/sound tech, set designer, graphic designer and executive member.

Furthermore, as of last year I have made the transition into semi-professional acting. I’ve done some commercials, a print-job and a short-film, with one more short-film coming up. Not a huge body of work – but I’m proud of it. I’m not famous, and chances are I will never be famous – but as this industry seethes with “it’s who ya know” and “it’s who likes ya!” I never count myself out.

What shall be shall be.

Now, a side-effect of the fame issue is that this career has poor financial return…so I needed a day job. Therefore I can be found during most business hours at a major insurance company in Toronto where I am a technical consultant. I write database/software solutions for people. Woohoo! It’s good solid work, with good solid pay. There are days however that I wish to take a good solid knife to my somewhat solid wrists.

Soul sucking doesn’t even try to explain it. Now the reason I stick with this gig is the fact I’m married. Yup…just over two weeks now – though my lovely bride and I have actually lived together for almost three years now. As much as I love my hobbies and my acting and my other evil ways…I realize that there are times you need to run for the goal and other times you need to protect your own net (my famous soccer analogy).

Geez…I’m running out of time here. I was doing ok, but then the power went out here and I had to write this again from scratch. Not a good way to post my first entry! Aieee! I will revisit this later. Oh…and some of my other hobbies?

Photography Videography Video Editing Digital Art Reading Writing (Poetry, Fiction) Animal Care (Fish, Mice, Cats) Travelling Camping Skiing Baseball andonandonandonandon…….