Melanie and I did not take a Honeymoon right away following the wedding due to financial reasons. As a compromise, I booked us into a gorgeous Bed & Breakfast following the reception called Jackson’s Landing, however one evening away from home just didn’t cut it.

In the days since the wedding, we have paid off the last of our debts and now look at things in a much nicer light. So, I have done my research and booked us a few nights at a resort in Niagara-On-The-Lake. Now we are just looking over an agenda of things to do while there. I’d like to catch a few shows at the Shaw Festival, and Melanie is very keen on having a Carriage-Ride while we are there. Any time in between it would be nice to walk along some of the trails as far as we can and spend some time at the Falls.

Melanie and I are both facing the prospect of new jobs with higher levels of responsibility. We are also planning on raising a family sometime along the way. Spending more quality time together and not being AS worried about saving all the money for a house at this time in our lives is necessary. There could get to be a time where it’s just not as easy or damned right impossible to take a quality vacation where it’s just us. It’s important to keep that perspective in mind.