It’s been a busy morning. I was up at 6am this morning – something that may seem to be a non-issue with many people but is actually an amazing feat for me – and out the door for 7am. Melanie came with me for the drive, so there were two of us pulling into Tim Horton’s for coffee’s this early morning.

I love driving into Toronto in the early morning. For somebody who has seen all kinds of horrendous traffic jams along that corridor, it’s such a pleasure to just scoot right along and not have to stare at the back of somebody else’s car for an hour and a half. We had very little time to dilly-dally though so headed straight to our destination – the apartment of the director, Jedrzeg, or JJ as he’s referred to as.

We parked and headed up to the second floor. As we got off the elevator, we passed his brother Maciej in the hall who pointed us to his door. Having done his producing duties for the day, he then promptly left.

JJ greeted us at the door and we started right into it. There was no prepared material, he just wanted me to improvise a scene of auditioning for a film…which is funny because that’s how I really did audition for them. He wanted me to portray myself as a Shakespearian actor and just wing something for him…so with a big sigh I readied to let it flow.

I slated myself as Michael Lance, (just a name that popped into my head) from KRP (Crap) Entertainment. Then explained that I was doing a rare Shakesperian monologue not by the bard himself but one of his little known disciples. Then I began to emit the biggest piece of dogshit monologue you ever heard in your life…something about the sun going dark because the night showed up and the wolves howled for the presence of Ragnarok and the king knew his empire would last for ever just because it could, and he loved it. Then he asked me to do the same monologue as a Russian General and it got even funnier. Ever tried repeating an improvised monologue per batem? Never mind with a stupid accent to boot. Then he asked me to do robot noises….then robot noises in a hiphop fashion. All really stupid stuff.

As you can tell…the movie is a bit of a comedy…so I hope I gave them enough footage to have fun with. There is one more shoot that I’ve been invited to attend. Tomorrow evening they are shooting a red-carpet gala scene by the Bloor Cinema. I’m pretty sure I’ll go.

Following the shoot, Melanie and I took a nice drive around the Port of Toronto, and then up Bayview to Post Rd and around that area before heading back home….and the day has only begun….