I didn’t get around to blogging yesterday because I was busy as hell catching up on other things. First, Melanie and I headed up to my Grandmothers to take her out to lunch. She’s now living in a Seniors Building in Alcona, Ontario due to requiring a little more support then she used to, and I like to spend as much time with her as possible. As she is now 84 years old you never know how much time she has left on this mortal coil, and I don’t wish to waste any possible good years she has. However, that’s not my only reasoning – she and my Grandfather were always very good to me, and I’ll be forever grateful for that. I’ll dwell on that subject another date.

After a wonderful lunch at Scottie’s in Barrie, we made a quick stop at her Second Cousin’s Mary and Lou for awhile. They live on a beautiful ten-acre property just north of Alcona – their average size bungalo surrounded by beautiful flower gardens and a man-made pond filled with Carp. For some reason this was the first time I’ve ever met them, considering that they used to live just south of my Grandparents old house in Woodbridge, Ontario. We were all made to feel very welcome, not only by them but by their beautiful ten year old Poodle, Noodles. We had a great chat for about an hour, and then unfortunately needed to head out. As we were leaving, Lou gave me a few tomatoes from his garden, and made us promise to visit again soon.

We visited Grandma for a little while longer in her room, but then time did it’s usual constricting factor and we realized it was time to go home. As per my usual driving style, I took the backroads home. I prefer driving in the country for the better view it provides, though I think Melanie just wanted to get home as her back was bothering her a bit.

Once back in the Aurora area, we stopped at Dairy Queen for a treat. Blizzard – yum! Then we headed home.

I had the chance to head straight down to the city for a follow-up video shoot for Low Budget but decided to stay home as I was a bit tired, and Melanie was in a depressed mood because of her back. It was the better choice, as I was able to get some stuff done that I wouldn’t have finished otherwise, including updates to our Wedding Photo Site and Southshore Theatre’s Website. My upcoming show needs promoting, so I’ll leave that in a separate post for your surfing pleasure.