I just found out that I video I was involved with – Good Charlotte’s “Predictable” doesn’t show me at all. The scene I was in must have ended on the cutting room floor. %*%#)@

Everything got screwed up on the day of shooting. The director, who I had worked with before on another video, wanted to shoot my close-up scene first but then there were other scheduling problems so they moved on. So, a lot of waiting around later and I finally was in one scene as Joel (the lead singer) was walking along the street. The close-up scene was scheduled for last. Then they ran out of time due to the oncoming night and an impending thunderstorm (which didn’t occur, btw) so they had to cancel the shot.

So, I sat around for like 17 hours, had about 4 seconds on screentime, and even then I didn’t make it in. WTF???

Oh well, you win some, you lose some….