Note to self.  If planning on changing shirts for an audition – don’t leave second shirt in hot car over several hours.  PHEW!!!!!!

I just got back from my audition for an American Sports Product that I won’t name lest I jinx it.  The audition was improvised, which is always kind of neat, and I was told to act wacky for once.  At so many auditions I have been told to take it down a notch and it’s nice to be allowed to let my comedic side just roll with it.

The only problem with improvised auditions is you’re left wondering even more than usual as to whether you gave the casting director what he/she wanted.  Now, I’ve learned to not read too much into auditions post mortem, as it’s pretty much a guarantee that what you think happened really didn’t.  What you think may have been a good audition probably gave the director nightmares so badly that he still sees his therapist about it.  And man, after that last audition I thought sucked I had to get a restraining order to keep the director from showing up at my doorstep.  In a pale green woolen tutu.  aieee.

Curious.  I’m in the middle for this one.  I can’t decide whether it was good or bad.  Does that mean the entire production will be in limbo for eternity?  Have to watch the headlines for that.