Our Butler Posted by Hello

Poor Furface. This unfortunately named cat, who was originally one of my ex-girlfriends – but she didn’t like him so he became mine – has been having a rough week. With Dextor being over, Furface just doesn’t know what to do with himself. In reality, Dextor is just a baby who is more afraid of the cats than they are of him, but I guess some instinct on Furface’s part has made him very skittish so he’s been hiding most of the time.

At this exact moment, he’s come out of hiding and is sitting right next to me, but that’s the first time he’s done that since Monday. This is an extremely rare thing, as normally he rarely leaves my side during his waking hours (what on odd sentence – I had to read that three times to make sense of it…I must be getting tired). He’s been like that ever since he was a kitten, following me from room to room (even into the bathroom which took time to get used to), and being very upset when a closed door separates us.

I’m sure if Dextor walked into the room right now Furface would be gone in a flash. And though I enjoy the little dogs company, It just doesn’t feel right to have my own pet inconvenienced. Our other cats, Branagh and Goofy (who I will share pics of another day) are handling Dextor ok…it’s just our little butler that doesn’t feel too happy about the situation.

I hope this doesn’t cause some sort of stress breakdown on his part. Hate to have him try to kill me in my sleep because he thinks he’s a leopard on the prowl. Hey, stranger things have happened – right?

If I’m not back to blog further, my 11 pound cat ate me. Now that’s something to have on your tombstone…..