Shaun of the Dead is coming…

I was first introduced to this movie on entertainment websites that I frequent, including CHUD and Dark Horizons and it peaked my interest. I’ve always been a fan of horror movies, especially the Zombie Genre, and am also a big fan of British Humour. So the concept of a movie that mingled the two without going totally into farce zone sounded appealing.

Sadly, it was only released in Europe….us poor schmuks on this side of the Atlantic were deprived. I managed to get my hands on a third rate bootleg (that looks like it was shot by a very drunken cameraperson standing on his head) and at least got to enjoy the movie in part, but it left me longing for more. I wanted a legit copy, and even a chance to see it in the theatres.

Luckily the gods that be have answered me. Starting this Friday it is being launched in a fairly limited release in North America. And though I still have had no luck tracking down a local theatre that will be playing it, I have been given the impression that it will be here…somewhere. There was a sneak preview on the 17th…but as I just found out about that doesn’t help me all that much.

Most likely I will end up seeing it next week, as Melanie and I are taking our short little Honeymoon to the Niagara region this weekend, and I doubt she’d be too happy about me running off to catch a flick during this. What do you think?