Well, it appears that during my absence tomorrow, the company elves are packing up my desk on the 6th floor here at Aviva and shuffling me off to a new location on the 5th so that I could be closer to (though still not ajacent to) the current team I’ve been attached to.  So, I quickly packed up all my belongings – my herbals teas, soups and various papers and took them down to my new abode.  God, I wouldn’t want the elves touching my stuff – you don’t know where they’ve been!

Not a bad spot, and I’ll be sitting around people that I’ve assisted in the past so it should be a friendly enough location…don’t want to be sitting around a bunch of grouches.  I mean, I’m grouchy enough as it is coming in to work, never mind being treated to a bunch of people that could make it worse…yikes!

Oh…as a follow-up to my previous post, I did go buy a new camera.  Picked up a really nice Kodak CX7430.  4 megapixels and much more solid feeling than the HP 435 was.  Looking forward to getting out and taking some snaps with it.