We are getting all prepped to go away this weekend, making sure we have all our stuff packed and going over a list of what we need for the trip. Furthermore, Melanie is insisting I get other items out of the way before we go, so amongst a few things I have been frantically doing I have to run out and pay my GST for the 2nd quarter of the year

Yes, I know we are almost through the 3rd quarter, I’m a procrastinator – so shoot me. But hurry up if you want to do so because the government is tempted to do that first.

Fortunately, I had a rather expensive period for business expenses during that time so I was able to lower my payment by quite a bit…so it doesn’t rip as badly a hole in my pocketbook when it leaves me. More drinkin’ money!!! Or maybe not….Melanie would cheerfully fillet me if I did.

Now as of this morning I discovered I have another expense to put out. My HP 435 Digital Camera, which has already been replaced once due to a factory defect, has croaked. And apparently croaked badly too, at least for my side of the deal. The cover for the batteries and SD Card has snapped off, and now I can’t get the thing to work at all. So, I took it back to the place I bought it and they are sending it away, though they think my warrantee won’t cover this damage. So, I’m S.O.L. with a vacation to go to. Serves me right for dealing with a Liquidation Centre and refurbished merchandise.

So, looks like the money I just saved on GST is allowing me to go buy myself a brand new camera without my wife clubbing me like a baby seal.

Oh…and cool! I just got a call from my agent saying my cheque is in for one of the gigs I was in. Geez…it’s almost like the powers that be have opened the way for me to pick myself up a new toy…er…tool. I’d love to get an SLR Digital Camera, but then I would be struck dead instantly by the god of matrimony. So, I’m going to slip over to one of those big box stores around the corner and see what I can get. All I know is it has to use SD cards, because I already have a 256mb one and there is no reason to waste it.

And double cool. Melanie just called, and when I diplomatically discussed my plan with her, she agreed with me. Who said that getting married would cramp my lifestyle……

…..Gotta go before she changes her mind…..