The Wheelchair Races Posted by Hello

This is a Print Ad that featured around the June-July timeframe in the Toronto area. Humourous in its like, sophisticated in its design. My first modeling job…I was very proud of it.

The idea of getting a large format version seemed lost. The company that produced it never got back to me about a copy and I figured I would have to live with my little cutout from the Toronto Star for my archives.

Then we dropped by my fathers yesterday and to my amazement they pulled out a full 24×36 poster of this ad. My father, who is a truck-driver, was delivering furniture to one of the stores that sponsored the event, and they still had copies of the poster and an accompanying book. I guess it was kind of funny for him to walk into the store and see this picture of his son directly in front of him, and I guess it made him an instant celebrity…if only in a small way and only a moment. They gave him a copy of all the material, and he was kind enough to give it to me.

I’m going to get it plaque-mounted, and will hang it with pride in my office. People may think I’m egocentric to have a gigantic picture of myself hanging in my workspace, but as it’s a very silly look I think they’ll be forgiving.