Maybe it’s a good sign. I left the audition feeling totally down. It’s like a psyched myself up to be able to deliver a better version of what I auditioned the first time through, but at the callback they had me doing something completely different. This makes your brain spin extremely fast – you need to take in what the director is asking for while preparing yourself to deliver exactly what he asked for without question. Sounds easy, but when on the spot it is not.

The reason I say it’s a good sign is most times I’ve left an audition feeling good I didn’t get the job. What I thought was good didn’t correspond with what the director was looking for. Today I didn’t feel I did a bad job, it just wasn’t what I expected to do so can’t come to terms with it. But the director may just be fine with what I did.

I was only going up against 3 other people so my odds are at best 1 in 4. We shall see what happens.

In the meantime, I need a beer. Anybody interested for tonight? (If I’m a zillion miles away just have one in my honour. Scotch or a good vintage Merlot will do if you’re not a beer drinker.)