So I found myself in the ChumCity Building today (the headquarters of MuchMusic for all of you not from Ontario) auditioning for a commercial on one of it’s sister stations. The role in question….Elvis. And no, not Costello.

My agent told me to dress casual for the event which was a relief. But when I showed up for the audition I found myself beside this other guy who was dressed in full Elvis Regalia – Sideburns included. My hopes fell. And he went first, so I figured they’d just be laughing at me for being underdressed for the role.

But then I got my chance in the room and found they didn’t want a serious Elvis Impersonator, they wanted a clumsy oaf who was an Elvis Freak and liked to dance in front of a camera throwing bad karate moves. Hey, I can be a clumsy oaf! In fact, often I am one! And don’t even start on the dancing in front of a camer….er…um…never mind. Erase that from your memory lest you go blind.

My old dance and karate training came in handy as they had me perform a bit for them. Apparently my moves and my karate were too good on the first try, so they had me try again being bad at each. And I had fun with it which I think showed…

No camera was used in the audition, which I found a bit odd. However, based on that fact I’d guess they’d make a decision quick having no tape footage to put aside for another day’s evaluation. Here’s hoping for a good answer….