I’ve mentioned it before, but I’ll go into the details to set up the situation. I’ve been consulting for an Insurance company in Scarborough since the first half of last year, being given short-spurt contracts over and over again – one month, a few three months, and even one six month. Some people would get freaked out by the lack of stability that these offer, but due to my ambitions as an actor I’ve had no trouble with them. Less baggage to deal with if a big gig comes around (which hasn’t, alas).

Then the budget for the project that I was with dried up after many years, and I was informed they couldn’t afford to keep me onboard any further as a consultant, but would I be willing to come onboard as an employee? There was even a perfect position available for me to jump into. I had some initial hesitation about this concept, but then I considered that I have a wife at home, we are planning to have a family and maybe some benefits and security wouldn’t be such a bad thing for once. So I agreed.

The position promptly vanished. There was a bit of restructuring going on in the company, and they were forced to take away the new headcount from one department and give it to another. So, the person who would have been my boss spoke to her boss, and he magically created another short-term contract for me while the manager who now owned those positions created job titles. Strange but true. I met with this new variable, and walked away feeling comfortable that I would have a decision in a couple weeks. That was the beginning of September.

That short-term contract ends tomorrow, and the posting for the job has just come down the pipe now, however apparently they haven’t decided on the actual title. The one they listed was UAT Team Leader, which confused me as it didn’t fit what I initially discussed, but I could do the job they listed and I was comfortable with the dollar value listed, if not excited by it. Looks like I have to wait a bit while they arm-wrestle over the title, so that it fits the ISO specifications of the company.

Look, just throw me a wheelbarrow of cash and call me “Guy who does what you need him to do”. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

In the meantime, my contract is being extended again for the shortest term yet – 2 weeks, with many people off-handed making complimentary statements like “I want you in my department, but I can’t have you.” Sounds like an enviable position to be in, but it’s just a big tease.

I expect something will happen; and soon…over the next week anyway. I just hope the end result is worth all this back and forth action.