Boo! Posted by Hello

I’ve been involved in productions at the Stephen Leacock Theatre for many years now, and have always been aware of some kind of presence in the building. I’m not alone.

So many people have reported strange events in the theatre…items going missing or moved to unusual areas. I’ve even had my entire lighting rig completely altered in the middle of the night. We spent the entire evening setting the lights for a production of Iolanthe and when we came back the next afternoon for the rehearsal every light was in a different position. Some people assumed it was a childish prank by some neighbourhood kids who figured a way to break in, but they would have had to use 30 foot ladders which were locked up. Totally bizarre experience (and frustrating too!).

The haunting of the Stephen Leacock Theatre has been reported in the past. You can find a report at the Ontario Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society website.

This picture was taken a couple weeks ago, when we were first moving into the theatre to set up for Honestly, Now!. It could just be a result of the flash on my Kodak Digital Camera, but I’d like to think it’s the spirit of the place showing who’s the real star of the show.