Ever noticed that Sod, after falling off the back of a truck onto the highway, looks like roadkill?

Thought I ran over the Grinch this morning on the 404. Sheesh.

Green is the colour on the news this morning. Toronto is finally pushing forward with a Green Bin programme to handle organic waste, and of course one of the local news stations dispatched a reporter to check out the pilot area to see if they were following through. So far it seems to be working, though there was apparently quite a bit of grumbling from people who thought sorting their garbage was a waste of time. Wait…there has been a Blue Box Recycling programme for over ten years now…you mean they haven’t been sorting for that?

The good thing I heard is that the normal garbage pick-up for the areas with the Green Bin programme will be every two weeks, and more often for the organic waste. Unless you want piles of garbage smelling up your house or property, you will be forced to sort everything to minimize what is left over. I applaud what sounds like a very well thought out plan.

Now is only Aurora would adopt the same programme…mind you, there may be a problem with it in our apartment building, as they only have one garbage shoot, but I’m sure something could be figured out. Perhaps large bins on the ground floor with twice a week pick-up? Think I’ll do my research and write the local paper about this.