Hope you like the new background. It is actually the very first design I ever created using the software Bryce, and I’ve used it many different times over the last couple of years; for literature and even in some software I’ve written.

Slowly yet steadily I am fiddling with the design over on my website, and as I come up with a style that I like I will change the stylesheets over here to match. I’m preparing for my next big project here – my artwork.

That’s right. Bet some of you wondered why I called myself The Acting Artist when I rarely discussed Art. As with everything else, I was just procrastinating…I have a fairly healthy portfolio of digital designs that I will begin displaying for multiple purposes over the next couple of weeks. Also, I plan to sit down and begin designing some new pieces to go along with some stories I’m writing. My thought lies in that one medium will inspire the other.

Some updates: The posting for the job I’ve applied for just closed today, and I’ve already received a call from HR wanting to set up a new interview. Unfortunately their first choice was this Monday, when I’ll be offsite shooting a movie with some Ryerson students. I’ve asked them to do Tuesday instead…though I would be even more pleased if they asked to do it tomorrow. I just want to get this stress out of the way.

Probably do some more writing tonight…have a bunch of stuff I want to post but surprisingly busy today with real work.