We wrapped up the run of Honestly, Now! on Saturday evening, and I can honestly now (HAHAHAHA – shoot me) say that I’m fairly torn about my feelings regarding the show.

The role of Hector was one of those dream roles for me. It was a combination of different aspects, outrageously silly and childish at one moment and then steady and controlled at the next. The balance in this role allowed people to see how flexible I can be on stage, and it felt good to receive praise from this.

I was extremely happy with rufus‘ directing on this show. It was her first kick-at-the-can so to speak and she proved that she has the potential to direct more. It’s not easy your first time out, especially when you’ve been working with the same people as an acting peer – taking that step up to leader is somewhat frightening.

The production itself was fraught with problems, this is true. The cast perhaps didn’t gel as well as it could have, and some friction continued well into the final show. That’s not my issue, and I have no wish to revisit it. All I can say is we all worked hard with the material, and sometimes we pulled it off and sometimes not.

Happily though, for a show that opened on a somewhat sour note, we ended on a great one. Saturday night was a performance with it’s own complete personality…I don’t think the script will ever look the same. But it was done in a way that nobody in the audience could tell. A good portion of my family came to that show, and they barely noticed anything out of the ordinary.

That’s why we don’t give scripts to the audience, right?