What is it about discount stores that drives people out of their minds? I was in one of the local second hand stores yesterday, trying to find an old-cut suit for use in a gig I have this weekend. Though I was in a specific men’s aisle, I was still being jostled by bitter old women that obviously had nothing else better to do with their time. I got fed up with this after five minutes and decided to leave.

Suddenly, an employee brought out a cart of stuff from the back, and you would have thought somebody yelled fire. All these old women suddenly surrounded this cart, nearly killing the poor employee, and began fighting over used dishes and costume jewellery. They honestly looked like a pack of hungry wolves who had just encountered a lame deer. I had to backtrack a bit and go down a different aisle because they wouldn’t move to allow anybody past them, and I was afraid of being eaten.

I still need to go back to find that suit…I noticed some candidates I need to try on. However, I think I may wait until the local Bingo parlor opens so that the coast is clear.