Unless you are a luddite, in which case you wouldn’t be reading this, never mind watching TV, you are pretty much aware that today is the American Election day. Thank god too…I don’t think I could take much more coverage on the subject. Something just seems very wrong with the amount of sensationalism that is generated by these events, and the amount of money that is invested in it. My god, Kings have been coroneted for less.

As a Canadian, I have no power to vote on this event, so I will use this entry to discuss my take on the day. Then I will never mention it again (or at least until something really interesting comes about), unlike some that can never get off the freakin’ subject.

I don’t know if it’s my training in media or what, but I just cannot understand how the American public can be so swayed by events in the media that just smell of staged events. C’mon, all of a sudden Osama Bin Laden pops back up just as we prep for the polls, so that everybody looks to Mr. Bush for help? And how the terror alert keeps popping back up whenever Mr. Kerry is slightly ahead in the polls? The rule is, if it seems too coincidental, it’s not.

This morning, all the news was talking about was how many of the polling stations were worried about problems in the voting because of TOO MANY PEOPLE TURNING OUT. What the ^&@*????? Isn’t the concept of an election in a democracy to have every eligible vote make it? I also have heard people say how if the vote is split right down the middle then the government could not function. Umm…that’s what sort of happened four years ago, people.

Scare tactics are everywhere. The specter of “The War on Terror” is everywhere, and it’s actually quite comical to watch the different slants in the media to pursued voters one way or the other. You have people discuss at one moment how the war is a bad thing, but at least they have Mr. Bush to protect them from their enemies during the war. HUH?????

I try to have faith that our brothers and sisters to the south of us are smart people. Unfortunately, their media really tries to show they are not. And to most Canadians, that’s the only way we know Americans – through their media. The Jerry Springer’s, The Next Top Hermaphodite Junkie Model’s, The Gross Me Out So Much I Have To Change The Channel Factor. The mentality of these shows is presenting itself in the normal news media…so, does it make you wonder why there is so much angst between us sometimes?

As to who I would vote for if I had the opportunity, I choose not to say. All I can ask is people really think about what they want and who they are voting for, not do what the slant on television tells them to do.