The second book in the Ender Saga, written by Orson Scott Card, brings about a major change of direction in the storyline. Where last we met the character of Andrew Wiggin, or Ender as he is called, he was a youth treated first as a hero and then later as a villain for commandeering the Xenocide of the Buggers. Unknown to most people, he was the one who caused his own villiany, by releasing a book under the name The Speaker For The Dead in which he identified the Xenocide as a horrible mistake. This document would reach near biblical proportions, and make Ender the most hated entity in the Universe.

Now, leap forward 3000 years. Ender is still alive, having travelled all over the galaxy at near Light-Speed fulfilling duties as a Speaker Of The Dead. Nobody but his three closest companions knows his secret, his sister Valentine who also bears a dual identity as the famous writer Demosthenes, Jane, a massively intelligent computer programme who may just be a new form of life, and the last queen of the buggers, who Ender has been protecting all these years while searching for a new home for her.

Now Ender has been summonded to the planet Lusitania as Speaker For The Dead of a Xenobiologist who has apparently been murdered by a newly discovered race of aliens. The mystery he uncovers there could very well be to his salvation, or to the utter destruction of them all.

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