Looks like I’ve done something right lately. Instead of everything being bad in threes I’m getting everything good in threes. It’s uncanny. And in some bizarre way it frightens me a bit. I keep looking out the window to see if Hell has frozen over (Yes Rick, I’m looking towards your office building), if Pigs have all taken wing, and if the Leafs pulled a fast one on everybody and won the Stanley Cup during the lock-out.

Perhaps it’s good karma. Or just good luck. Who knows?

First, Aviva has hired me on full time into a well written, brand new role in a brand new department. No old policies and methods to fight against, reasonable salary to start off, great benefits. Educational opportunites are massive. My spirits are up. I’ve been writing great code all week like a maniac.

Second, I won $5 on the lottery. Five bucks?! you say, laughing hyserically. Let’s just say I have the worlds worst luck on lotteries, so winning anything past a free ticket is something special. It’s only because I’m not so great at math that I keep doing it every week.

Third, I just received a call today from somebody wanting me to star in their theatrical production. And the show would be in February, which is pretty much at the cut-off date I’ve decided on due to the upcoming arrival of my prodigal child. So, I’m picking up the script on Sunday and will give it a good read. Because I’m doing the Second City workshops on Sunday afternoon instead of a weeknight, it gives me the opportunity to do one show without worrying about the interference factor.

Tonight, Melanie and I are going out to celebrate this burst of luck! That’s unless I see a pig pass me on the 404…then I’ll be hiding under the bed awaiting the upcoming apocalypse.