I was at a group lunch today with the team I was previously connected to before being hired by the company fulltime. Now, I find in big groups that it is very difficult to follow too many of the conversations that float around, primarily due to the fact I suffer from a condition I refer to as ‘radio ear’, though I am sure there is a more scientific term for it. When in a crowded room with a meriad of people all speaking at once, I easily lose focus on what’s being discussed right around me. Add in a television or radio and I’ll totally lose you within milliseconds.

So as to be a useful part of the lunchtable, I strained to focus in on the conversation closest to me, which interestingly enough centered mostly on being involved with a gym, running marathons, and generally just getting healthy. I say it’s interesting as I have been interested in being involved with the gym local to my company due to the fact they offer an extremely generous rate to all the employees here. As long as I could start off on a light workout only it might be a good way to regain some of my former strength and athletic ability – both which have long since packed their bags and moved out. Yes, it’s true….due to my inflamed knees, my painful right shoulder and a couple crushed discs in my neck I’ve become pretty weak. I’d like to start changing that now that my wife and I are starting a family.

And I’m not only thinking about it for the kid(s?) either. As with all things, I’m always looking for new ways to better my acting career. One thing I have been looking at lately is Sword Fighting and other Fight Choreography training. Now, if I can barely lift 40 pounds with one arm, what use am I going to be if somebody wants me to practice with a Broadsword? I don’t want to be stuck as the guy who could only use a Foil because of it’s lightness.

So, early next week, I’m going to drop into the gym, take a tour and ask all the questions I need to ask. That part can’t hurt. It’s the actual workout that’s going to hurt…we’ll see if I can handle that.