My writing has been extremely limited lately due to mass exhaustion. I’ve been horribly busy with work so have not been posting much from there, and I find that when I get home I’m so tired that I just need to flake out on the couch. Even now, my bed is crying out to me but I thought it prudent that I force myself to post something so that people know I’m alive.

I’m preparing myself for some new adventures in writing for the next spurt of energy that I encounter. On my last trip to Theatrebooks, I picked up a couple items that sounded interesting. One was a book by Marsh Cassady called The Art of Story Telling, which is designed for stage work but which will also hopefully inspire some new writing. Also, just for fun, I picked up a cute novelty item called “The Writer’s Block”, which is literally that…a big block of pages with 786 different ideas on how to bypass that nasty scenarios of wanting to write but having a completely blank mind on where to start. Everything from pictures to suggestions like “Write in the nude” are present, and I may give it a swing (I promise I won’t share with the world if I really did write naked – unless you really wanted to know or something… 🙂 ).

December is going to be a busy month. I expect that I will begin rehearsals for my next show, The Man With The Plastic Sandwich in the middle of the month, and I also expect that I will be working some longer hours at work while we prepare for our first project UAT start date in January. I will endevour to get some interesting stuff in here at least three times a week though. No promises…I won’t sign a blood pact or anything – but for my own well-being I’d like to thump some ideas out, and I value the opinions of those who do take the time to read my blog regularly (not many of you yet, but that’s ok).

Out for now…Cheers!