Bloody hell…having some serious problems keeping my eyes open over the last few hours. For two days now I’ve been in all day training for some software and methodology training at work. Now, I have been an advocate of extra training over the last while, however something just seems wrong to leave your house in the dark, sit and watch somebody drone on about technology for 8 hours and then leave for home in the dark.

Tonight I need to recharge my batteries quick as I have a Christmas Party to stop at for awhile. My agent, Sam, is throwing her party at the L’Arte Bar & Grille down on Dundas St W at 8pm. I was originally thinking of sitting here for awhile and write like a good little boy before heading down, but then my brain realized that I’ll be asleep and drooling on my keyboard within 30 minutes if I don’t start moving. I’ll head down to Bloor St…find a good parking spot, do some shopping and use the streetcar. Hopefully I’ll have something interesting to write about tomorrow.