A New Aquatic Habitat Posted by HelloHere’s a shot of the new 29 gallon fish tank that I picked up to replace both my hex tank and my little 5 gallon. The reason I eliminated the hex was was we have been given new cabinets for our living room, and there just wasn’t any more room for the tank. Because it used a powerhead and undergravel filter, it was also slightly more challenging for me to clean on a consistant basis…I would have to vacuum it very often, and because when on a stand it was almost as tall as I was I would have to hold the gravity vacuum at a weird angle which bothered my shoulder to no length.

Melanie originally wanted me to replace the 80 gallon tank I have along with the 35, but unless I could find somebody to take the 40 or so Texas Ciclids that roam that tank I was unwilling to minimize the amount of tank space that much…so I talked into her the idea of replacing the 5 gallon in the bedroom with this tank, and she went along with it. Now that it is all set up with a cool backing (not shown in the picture) she’s really happy with this choice.

In the tank I have the following range of creatures:

1 Placo (the one of the lower right corner (from the hex tank)
2 Orange Algae Eaters (from the 5 gallon)
2 3″ Gourami’s (new)
7 Fancy Guppies of multiple colours (new)
7 Blueberry Tetras (all but 1 is new)
5 Neon Tetras (new)
1 Scissortail Raspora (from the 5 gallon and my oldest fish)
3 Dwarf Frogs (new – and really cool!)

I find the Placo knocks plants and other items askew quite often, that’s why you can see some floating objects at the top of the tank. I need to weigh them down a bit more so they stay put, or may pick up some different kinds of plastic plants with rock bottoms. I’ll try different combinations as long as budget allows.

That’s the cool thing about fish tanks. If you have the money…the sky is the limit as to what you can do.