Ever since the service Classmates.com reared its head a few years ago, I have had as much of my profile online as a free service would let me. I really don’t get a lot from it, though have had at least one person from my past contact me using its Gold Membership.

Today while dreaming of drinking the nice bottle of Citra Sangiovese Terre Di Chieti Red Wine that I was given at our Departmental Christmas Lunch, I was browsing through the Classmates databases from the schools I attended and came across my ex-girlfriend from high school whom I had not really dispatched our relationship in a very positive way. My misbegotten arrogance got the best of me at the time, and I broke it off with her in a very regretful manner, mostly because she was fighting so hard to keep the relationship together which I found to be smothering. But another, much sillier reason for me is I had a taste of “popularity” for the first time in high school and became quite drunk with it. I thought I was some kind of Superfly all of a sudden and that all kinds of girls were clambering for my attention.

Yup, that’s the bullshit delusional world I was in at the time.

Now that I have a way to reconnect to her, I’m debating as to whether I should get a Gold Membership so I could send her a note or not. For my own piece of mind, it would make me feel better to reach out to her and just say that I’m sorry for being such a dick…but I have to consider whether she would welcome such a thing being passed to her. Ah…much to decide.

Think I’m going to go home, and not drink this wine. Think I’ll crack some ice that I just asked Melanie to make, pour myself a nice glass of Teacher’s Highland Cream Scotch and contemplate the issue for a bit. Even if I don’t make a decision tonight, at least I’ll have enjoyed my Scotch!

Any takers on this issue? (not the Scotch bit, the other issue)