I just got back from an eventful night. My friend Diane and I went to an improv night at Bad Dog Theatre, where we were thoroughly entertained by the headliners Slappy Happy Improvisational Theatre Company along with their special guests Tontos Nephews. Kerry Griffen of Slap Happy just happens to be our current instructor at Second City, so we thought it prudent that we not only support him, but make sure he really knows what he’s talking about (just kidding Kerry if you read this!). He proved himself quite well…as did the rest of the performers. By the intermission I was so inspired to set the foundations of my own troupe so I can grace the same stage with these guys….it may just happen pretty soon, or at least within the year. Maybe a specific Newmarket/Aurora team. I have three people already…I need a forth (Ric?).

Bad Dog Theatre is quite a different venue than the Second City mainstage. It is very small and intimate, so you are made to feel that much closer to the entertainers. Really close in fact as the front row, which we grabbed quickly, was only 4 feet from the stage. It also gives the feel of a “working mans” theatre. The set dressing is really ratty, and the stage is built from a bunch of risers that have obviously had many a set of feet pounding upon them over the years. None of this turned me off, because it actually fit quite well with the type of theatre we were seeing. Improv is normally quite quick and dirty…why can’t the theatre be too?

The only unfortunate event of the night was on the way home. I dropped Diane off at her car at Woodbine and 7…but it was quite dead. Sounds like her starter motor was toast. So, after scratching my head for a few minutes I told Diane to call CAA and within 20 minutes we had a friendly tow-truck to drive her car home. So, I drove her home and then gladly headed back home in a rush (I really had to pee!!!) and here we are.

Adventures are a consistancy. It’s just good to have good friends to share them with. I’m sure Diane feels the same.