I happened to be listening to CFRB 1010 last night when I was leaving the parking lot, and Peter Shurman was filling in for John Moore. His debate for the drive home centered on the controvery of Vince Neil from Motley Crue swearing on the live New Years Eve Tonight Show, and how NBC had “surprisingly” not received any flack from the viewing audience. What was felt to be surprising about it was that Bono of U2 had commited a similar offence on last years Golden Globe awards on the same channel, and they received a tremendous amount of complaints.

I decided to call in and was impressed that I got through. I was the third caller.

I explained to Peter how I figured the reason for the difference was that any audience that was turning in to watch Motley Crue on New Years Eve would pretty much be expecting this kind of behaviour. He countered though that this was the Tonight Show, which has a certain reputation to uphold. I countered this with obviously NBC is trying to reach the younger demographic and perhaps move away from the clean-cut image by using Motley Crue in the first place. Motley Crue and Certain Reputation are not the cleanest fit you could imagine. This he totally agreed with. And with that he closed our conversation…I had time to get a “Oh yeah, totally”, and he moved on to the next caller.

It had been seven years since I called in to a radio programme, and it felt kind of neat to do so again. Though I obviously couldn’t listen to myself on the radio due to feedback issues, I felt I was able to get my thoughts across in a fairly succinct manner and will most likely do it again when the right subject comes my way.