After the long quiet, I finally have been noticed once again. I have an audition down at CHUM today at noon, and my agent left me a message this morning saying I have another on Monday. 2004 started as a good year for professional acting roles but then it quieted by the 3rd quarter. I hope 2005 can begin on the same path but keep the momentum up the whole way through.

Last night on the radio they were discussing how the Toronto film industry still has not picked up, even with the incentives offered. Not even one new production has been added to the books. So, I have to rely on commercials and short films for my fodder for awhile, but hope that something more interesting comes around soon. Until then, I’ll take what I can get, as long as it doesn’t jeopardize my main bread-winning job. If something comes up that’ll replace the job on a financial level at least, you know where my heart will be.