Well, what an up and down week this has been. The down first….Melanie was diagnosed with Gall Stones. We discovered this on Tuesday when she called me first thing in the morning from work (she works the overnight shift at the Ontario March of Dimes certain days), saying that she was getting sharp pains in her side and Telehealth advised her to go to the hospital. Hell, we’ve never had kids before…for all we knew this could be some kind of contraction. So, I called work, told them I would be either late or off altogether and ran to her work to pick her up. If she was having health issues, I didn’t want her to drive…even if the hospital was only 5km away from her.

Soon enough we found ourselves in the Maternity wing of Southlake Hospital, and they checked her in fast to a ward room. Various tests were ran, blood, Ultrasounds, blablabla, and at around 3pm we received the final diagnosis. They want to remove her Gall Bladder to stave off further attacks, but will wait until after the pregancy if they can. Until such a time, Melanie is confined to “rabbit food”…basically cut the fatty foods down to a negligable quantity. So far she’s trying her best, but that’s gotta be horribly difficult to do when you’re pregnant. Hell, I doubt I could do it.

I ended up taking the next day off work as well to stay home with Melanie. She was freaked that I would get into trouble with work for doing so, though I doubted this would be case. In fact, I told her point blank that I wouldn’t give a rats ass if they tried to give me problems…as far as I’m concerned, my wife and my child are first on my priority list…work comes somewhere down the chain. Possibly below the need to feed on cockroaches….but that’s another story. 🙂 As it turns out, I was right…in fact my department was very supportive of my choice to stay home. That feels good.

Good news this week is that I’m actually getting some of my multitude of back projects completed. The largest one of all, the re-structuring of my home office has been finished…and I even found myself taking the rare role of the handyman during the gig. My bookshelf backing was so warped from the dryness in the apartment so I did the measurements, ran out to Home Depot and bought a new, stronger hardwood backing and remounted it. My desk is now on the opposite side of the room, switched with said bookcase, and everything in the room seems so much more functional. I’ve also decided to expand my desk…so this week I’m doing more measurements, buying the wood and adding a few feet on each side (it’s a corner desk)…that way I can fit all my video and editing equipment properly. It’s good to be inspired, and it feels good to know I can be a handyman when I need to.

I’m currently in line memorizing mode for “The Man With The Plastic Sandwich”. We have just under a month before the big opening and I’m so far totally off book for 1/2 of the First Act. So, 2 1/2 Acts to go. I’m slowing recording all the lines as MP3’s, and I practice in the car to and from work. Rehearsals are going very well, and we did a photo shoot on Saturday for the poster and programmes. I figure I’ll have the poster in a few days…I’ll post it when i get it.

Anyway…that’s my life at this point. I’ll try to write more soon!