I hate whining…but I can be good at it, so here’s another rant. I tell you, I love the show I’m doing a lot…I don’t think I’ve ever been as proud of a body of work as I am with this one. The Man With The Plastic Sandwich is funny, thought-provoking and even cathartic for me personally when you take a look at the material. I’ve loved every minute of it. However, I am so burnt out that I don’t know what to do with myself half the time.

OK, look at the time required for the show – rehearsals and personal line runs. Then add in Melanie’s wonderful but obscenely paced effort about buying a house. Never mind the extra work I have to do around the house on a daily basis due to Melanie’s pregancy. Then add in my daily commute to work plus work itself. For sanity I have my Sunday Second City course. Add in any of the regular television shows I try to watch…typically taped and reviewed around 11pm, and then my need to blog and photoblog fairly regularly…..this is adding up to very little sleep.

Now I’m trying to focus on some writing. I just received my package from Quality Of Course, the Writing School, and I’m finding myself more and more inspired everyday to get some stuff down on paper…for them and for my own pleasure. Finding the time to actually do this without jeopardizing everything else is appearing to be difficult. I want more time.

Fortunately, this weekend is the breaking point. Once the show opens and has completed its first weekend I have a major weight off my chest and clock. And though I will regret its passing, once the show is completely finished I will regain all of my nights, and that is kind of exciting.