While the show was obviously my major focus this weekend, there actually was much happening on the home buying front. On Thursday night, before the show, I had a chance to go see this place in Bradford that Melanie and her father previewed early in the week. Now, Melanie had been preparing me, telling me that she thought I’d find the house too small. When we got there though, I was quite impressed by what I found. The house is on the end of a dead-end street, immediately beside the Holland Canal. The property is fairly generous, and the view of the farmlands surrounding the area is very impressive (see pic below). This is a property that is totally safe from being blocked in by ultra-residential schemes or industrializing because nobody is going to touch the Holland Marsh ever. It’s just too important as a farmland.

Inside the house I could see a lot of potential. Now, the currant tenants live in a very cluttered environment so I had to envision things around that, but it could be seen. I had a feeling we had found our house. Afterwards, Melanie and I talked for a few minutes and decided to put a conditional offer in. So, she ran home to do just that while I headed off to the show.

Things have happened fast. Offers and counteroffers were thrown all over during the weekend, and we have reached a dollar value that is acceptable…at least based on certain conditions. Now, the next battle will be more difficult – getting the financing. I’ve had work draft me a letter stating not only my employment time with them, but also my consulting time…which would put me at almost two years solid with the same company. Money lenders like stability, and I have to prove that I am (at least in a financial state – my mental state could be questioned sometimes. {grin} ).

The one danger we are foreseeing, and are making every effort to avoid it is the current tenants of the house. Apparently the current owner and the current tenants have a strenuous relationship…and we are worried that they may not move out on time or leave the house a wreck. Of course, that would be the current owners responsibility as per our conditions, but it could seriously effect our own plans for moving in. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that.

The following view is from the sidedoor of the house. I don’t want to show too much of the house yet, lest I jinx things.

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Next: Part Three will conclude my report on this weekend. Look for that tomorrow.