Last night, I finally received the results from the MRI on my shoulder, and it wasn’t too good. After waiting the regular inordinate time in the waiting room (definately a good name for it there) I was called into my Doctors office for a bit of bad news.

My shoulder is screwed. The soft tissue and tendons are degenerating. I have bone spurs. Inflamation around the shoulder is blocking much of the blood flow to the bone. Also, my doctor admits that this is way out of his league…I need to see a specialist. So, he’s putting a referral through for me to see a famous hockey player (ok, maybe not, but the doctors name is Bertuzzi so Todd immediately popped into my head) / Orthopaedic Surgeon, which means I’m likely looking at another long waiting list before anything can be done.

Chance this can be solved without surgery – low to nil. It sucks.

I’m kind of in a haze about the situation…don’t know if I’m even truly upset about it. When you live in pain so long you just look for an answer – any answer at all – that will explain what’s wrong. It’s taken them two years to figure out that there IS something physically wrong with my shoulder – that it is not just a pinched nerve or something simple like that. I don’t look forward to surgery and the inevitable immobilizing of my arm while it heals, but I do look forward to the day when I can lift a few pounds without cringing.

If I can’t have one without the other than so be it.