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Certain television shows and movies from your childhood resound themselves through your life, and when you totally lose touch with them and even forget what they are called it drives you insane trying to remember what the hell they were. I had a list that has slowly dwindled itself down.

I was down to two.

Now I’m down to one.

In a random search today, I came across a site listing for a 70’s Japanese cartoon that is known in English as Naughty Prehistoric Kum Kum and in Japan as Wanpaku Omukashi Kum Kum. 
It was only the 6th effort by the legendary Sunrise Inc. studios. This is the tale of Kum Kum…a kind of prehistoric “Dennis the Menace” who lived long ago. He and his family and friends belonged to a tribe a Mountain People who lived and hunted and farmed high in the hills near the Fire Mountain. It was a comedy series earmarked by infectious chibi-cuteness mixed with the pathos of every-day prehistoric life. The storylines revolved around the adventures of Kum Kum (pronounced coom-coom) and his young friends. Kum Kum has a real knack for getting himself (and the other kids) in trouble and that’s what makes the series fun!1https://www.animecharactersdatabase.com/source.php?id=103157

I remember watching this at my Grandparents house when I was in Kindergarten and years later found myself wracking my brain trying to remember the title. I knew it was Japanese animation…you never forget how the eyes and mouths are drawn. But nobody I talked to, even cartoon experts had any idea what the hell I was talking about. They thought I was nuts. Imagine my surprise to find that I’m not the only person out there who was searching for this. I’ve now discovered many forums where people are pleading for information on this series. And now, I can actually order it…though at a pretty penny of course. In a couple months I’ll probably do just that…I want to give my child the opportunity to experience all of the television shows that I watched as a kid, and to gain an appreciation for the subject matters that were discussed at the time.

Cartooning and childrens shows have changed so much since I was a kid…the political correctness gurus have gotten their filthy mitts on everything and ruined it all. Very little stuff with any substance is out there. When I pick them up (after we close on the house – we’re living on a tighter budget until then), I’ll let you know how they hold up to my memories.


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