Even though I’ve had plenty of ideas for blogging topics over the last week, I found little time or energy to actual type them in. I have been active though. I’ve written a couple pieces for my own interest, and have been working on a new design for my website, which I have begun to put into place as of tonight. Check it out here. For the time being, I have the writing section linking back to here, the art and photo section linking to Timpix, and the acting section linking to my acting resume, but over the next week I will be expanding these three sections to be entities of their own.

My love for webstuff goes in spurts. I started designing websites in 1995, and have created dozens of sites over the years…but there are times that I just tire of the whole game and walk away from it for awhile. Then something new will catch my eye – some new piece of technology or something, and I go back into it fullsteam. I’m not really at that fullsteam mode yet, but I’m trying to set up some sites for myself that will be interesting without me having to put hours of work per day on them. Specific reason why? I don’t have those hours per day to spare.

I’ll let you know when that’s done. Until then, look forward to my upcoming and much pre-empted blogs…I have much to write about. Alas, not tonight, though.