Another joy that I have recently involved myself with is Audiobooks. I have gotten my hands on many, including the last couple books of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series, and several of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, and I tell ya…even though many purists think that anything other than truly reading a book is evil, it’s a mind-blowing experience to have the story read to you. Especially when you were never too sure of certain pronounciations, and often you discover new jokes you never noticed before, such as the name of the country in Pyramids, Djelibeybi, where you discover it is pronounced Da Jelly-Baby. I laugh every time I hear the narrator say it.
It sort of takes me back to when I was a kid and my grandfather read to me all of the time. It started my own facination with reading, and I look forward to the days when I can pull out a great story to read to my own children. Until then, lately I have had little time to read myself, so I throw a disc into the PC at work, pop on some headphones and have a story read to me while I’m working. I find it relaxing, and it pushes my multi-tasking skills a bit further. Then I throw the same disc into my car for the rides to and from work. It passes the time, and is very entertaining.
The only drawback to this is I have less ambition to write during my periodic workbreaks…I’d rather keep listening to the story. That’s kind of where my blogging pace dropped off.
But we are entering exciting territory. We’re close to moving to the new house, baby is almost here, and I have a long list of autobiographical stuff I want to write about. So, stay tuned…
…oh, and yes, the website is progressing…I expect to have something up tomorrow night.