Some people are just ignorant. Up until a couple of hours ago, everything involving us buying the new house and properly moving at the end of the month was going without a single snag. Then a wrench was thrown in. Apparently the current tenant in the house is possibly planning on staying to the last possible second just to piss the previous owner and us off, and there is nothing we can do about it. And since there is no way in hell we are taking possession until she is out (lest we “adopt” her), it looks like we are going to have technically no place to live for at least two days. Reason being…the end of the month is a Saturday, and you can’t sign legal agreements on Saturdays – the courts being closed and everything. And we have to be out of our place on that day.
There is still hope this can be resolved, but it is very frustrating to be going through this…especially with my wife being very close to her due date at the time of the move. It’s a stress we don’t need.
According to our real-estate agent, he feels the owner will let us move our stuff in even without the contract being signed – that would be one issue resolved. But we can’t stay there yet. So, I’d have to take our poor cats to a kennel – which they will not take well to. And I’d have to find a temporary home for my 26gallon fish tank, so it could be plugged in. Our backup accomodations were setup in advance.
We think this is a test from the universe just asking how much we want this place and if whether we would back out at any sign of trouble. And even though it pains us to go through it, we are going to keep on going. Even if it is very annoying.