OK, things are still not working out to their optimum abilities when it comes to the move, but the language is getting better and events do seem to be slowly bettering in our favour. Steve, the current owner, seems totally willing to allow us to move our stuff in on Sunday the 1st of May. The fact that Melanie will be only a couple weeks away from giving birth is apparently assisting us greatly. Except with our current landlords. We asked them if we could stay one additional day so that the move would happen in one continuous event and they insisted they’d charge us for an entire week. The bastards.

We have located a good kennel that will take great care of our cats for the two days we need to have them boarded, which is a great relief.

Also, we may just have a taker for my 85gallon tank. We had put a notice up in the laundry room at the beginning of the week and Melanie received a call today about it. So, I’ll most likely chat with the gentleman tonight. He’s in the same building as us which would make the exchange a little easier than the difficulty it already is. This is a more cubic style breeders tank, and the dimensions makes transfer slightly complicated. If he doesn’t take the tank than I may have to give the fish to a local petstore and just leave the tank by the curb. There is no room in the new place for the sheer size of this tank.

I’ll update as news comes in….