For those of you who check in from time to time to find out about the acting side of my life, I just wanted to mention that I’m taking a few months off from the community theatre scene to focus on fatherhood, supporting my wife, being a homeowner, my work and hopefully some writing. If a professional gig comes up then it may fill holes, but at the rate things have been lately I’m not counting on it. Since my turn of luck with the three gigs in February and early March I’ve had not one single audition. This has actually been convenient, since the pace at my day job has been nothing short of frantic, but there are times that I wish something would come my way.
I actually found out about the Lord Of The Rings: The Musical auditions from a friend of mine, and regret the timing. They are tomorrow, and I have neither the time to prepare a song to audition with, nor do I wish to endanger the day job by taking the day off. Probably for the best anyway…as much as the production sounds really interesting, I think my destiny lies in a different path than starting out as a chorus member of a big musical.
So, for the time being, I will continue on my schooling. Second City Level C starts this Sunday, and I am looking forward to seeing both who the teacher will be and what style of learning we will be faced with. Every level is an adventure all its own.