Good news about my fish tank. A guy from upstairs popped down to my place last night with his girlfriend and her young daughter, and they were mightily impressed with the goliath. So, next weekend they will be taking it away. I will still be required to drain it and move the fish into a pail temporarily, but that’s ok. He seemed like a good guy, and his girlfriend was really knowledgable, so I know the fish are going to a good home. Plus he has friends to help move it…so I’m not stuck carrying the damn thing around.

Just discovered that the TTC are going on strike as of Monday, which means the commute in is going to be absolutely nightmarish. I suppose I shall have to go against my better instincts and get up early to swim upstream with the rest of the salmon on the 404. I do not look forward to it. Wish I could work from home.