Rufus and I attended the first class of Second City Level C yesterday afternoon and for my part I am thoroughly impressed about what I found. Our class size is great…only ten of us. Seven are from our level A, one more had joined us in our Level B, and we have added two more from other classes. Under the tutelage of Slap Happys’ Sandy Jobin-Bevans, our focus for the level will be on Characters.
Character work in regular stagecraft is my specialty, so it will be interesting to see how I personally do with the skill in improvisation. No matter what though, I will certainly find the level to contribute more to my writing, and the ability to work with the nine other strong members of the class gives me further incentive to drag myself out of the house on Sundays. Interestingly enough, Sandy mentioned that he thought the school had added a Level C graduation show to the curriculum, which would be a lot of fun, however the timing may be inconvenient. Melanie will be due to give birth right around the time of the seventh week, which I suspect would be when such a show would take place. I’ll have to approach that carefully. We’ll know for certain next Sunday if that is a definate.