The day started off really well. I dragged myself into work at 7am, and actually felt pretty good for it being…well…7am. The morning flew by…I had some appointments out of the office late morning, which went very well, and then I returned and resumed my work, headphones on and my testing all coming out successful. Seemed the perfect day.
Then all of a sudden I noticed that the music coming out of my right headphone speaker was starting to hurt. Really hurt even. And I was playing at low volumes. I shut it off to see if Bono was the sole culprit, but U2s’ wonderfully crafted music was apparently just a sign….I had an earache.
Within two hours, it was a right dreadful one too. I found I was unable to concentrate on my work anymore, so spent my last 1/2 hour shuffling papers around and wincing a lot. I left work at 4pm with my next destination in sight – meeting Melanie at Sandys’ – our Mortgage Brokers. I had no idea how I was going to survive this. My ear was now a dull roar.
Mel and I both arrived at the appointment at roughly the same time, and she could see that I wasn’t doing well…but I told her I’d get through it. This I did…albeit with a lot of grimacing and clenching of teeth. We did get some good news though. The house is now closing on APRIL 29!!! The tenants will be out early, so we can now move in one fluid motion. Yay! Also, Sandy speculated that he might be able to get us a better rate on our mortgage after the 18th…which is when I have my two year anniversary of being discharged from bankruptcy (long story).
These facts raised my spirits, but gave no assistance to my pain, so I was relieved when we were finished. I gave Mel a quick farewell and sped off to the walk-in clinic. I suspected the culprit, but to get drugs you need a doctor, so I resigned myself to sitting and waiting my turn. About 1/2 hour later I was in to see the doctor, and he confirmed it…I had an infected and swollen ear-canal. This is not a new occurrence, I’ve had infected ears many times over the years. It was just that this was the first time I had one hit me so abruptly, normally the swelling creeps up slowly. So, I waited at the drug store, got my eardrops and raced back home.
Took my painkillers and drops, had a nap, and by 8pm the swelling had gone down enough that I could get up to watch the new Doctor Who on CBC without passing out. Soon enough I could eat. And only a couple hours here I am sitting at the PC blogging away.
So, in hindsight…it wasn’t the greatest day…but it wasn’t the worst either. I received some great news, but suffered through it all.
I’ll just chalk this down to “Wow…but thank god it’s over!”